Break My Style | Pink Power

Pink Power










Necklace from my sister

Zara dress

Celine bag

iPhone5c from Smart

Naleigh Shop shoes

Did you know that pink is the color of universal love? It’s such an attractive and romantic shade! It instantly makes a girl look more feminine. I wore this plain dress because even without any print, it still looks good when worn. I guess skater dresses are really my thing now. I could’ve chosen to wear stilettos or pumps but since I wore this during the afternoon, I wore these incredibly comfy platform heels from Naleigh Shop. I love the prints and the extra chunky heels- it makes the shoes look extra unique, don’t you think? The wonderful thing about the shoes is that my feet didn’t hurt the entire time I was wearing it, and honestly, I love the design so much. The dress looks very girly, that is exactly why I chose to balance it by wearing edgy shoes. Also, I’ve been wanting to get a new phone and I’m so happy that I got myself this iPhone 5C in pink! Seriously, it’s the bomb! I’ve been wanting to get a new phone and couldn’t decide what to get- but when I saw iPhone5C’s colorful selection, I fell in love instantly. It’s lighter than my iPhone5 and way cuter to use too! I know, I’m such a girl by choosing the pink one but out of all the colors, I find it the most attractive. Plus, here’s the best news ever: The iPhone5C and iPhone5S will be available at Smart! It’s not just the phone, it’s also the network that will give you the best network connection- and Smart’s LTE is the best! With my iPhone5C, it’ll be a perfect relationship for sure! Smart will release the iPhone5C and iPhone5S starting November 15 but you can also be one of the firsts to own one by pre-registering at Tell me, what colour will you be getting if you were to get your own #SmartiPhone5C? BMS.


    1. chantal

      if im going to have an iphone 5c , i’ll choose the pink one coz just like what have you said that this is so attractive and girly :) btw. i <3 pink

    2. ABBIE

      Nice Outfit – simple but FIerce!
      Oh, Like You, I’d also choose a pink iphone 5c from Smart! high five! :D