Break My Style | Pink and Purple

Pink and Purple

(Goody hair tie, Girls Are Weird necklace, Choies top, Casio watch, Giftsahoy ring, Mumi bag, Plains and Prints shorts, Alaia booties)

Yes, this was taken a few weeks ago when I went to Hong Kong.. again. I just can’t get enough of HK- I love it so much! I was there for a meeting with one of my favorite shoe brands Sugarfree. I’ll tell you all about it next time but all I want to say now is- BE EXCITED! Anyway, I wore this very colorful outfit to the meeting. Even if it’s full of colors, it still looked corporate because of the buttoned up polo. It’s also scorching hot in HK so wearing a sheer top with shorts were the perfect combination. Okay, so did I tell you that I’m now into collecting small bags? When I saw this Mumi bag online, I had to get it right away before I flew for HK. I knew it was going to be spacious inside even if it’s so tiny. The design looks so trendy and chic too- plus I don’t have to worry about my shoulders hurting the whole day. The texture and color of the bag really matched my entire look- as if they’re all made for each other. Really, small bags are so convenient. Why didn’t I think of it before?! 
PS. Always try and wear a watch during meetings so you don’t have to get your phone and check the time- you might look like your texting or not paying attention to your client. BMS.