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Picture Perfect Prague








Sunnies Studios sunglasses

Zara top

Romwe jacket

Zara leggings

Nike shoes 

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I really find Prague extraordinarily beautiful. The buildings and streets are just all visual history waiting to be learned and explored by everyone. As a fashion blogger, I definitely enjoyed scouting for nice locations for my outfit shots but the difficult thing here was that everywhere you look- every street, every corner, every restaurant- they’re all picture perfect. So I decided to just choose a random street to prove a point. BMS.¬†


    1. Johnny Leaver

      That i s true. Prague is such a wonderful place for travel, and it’s not just the sights but the people and the culture as well. It’s the perfect place for a travel/fashion blogger. So many things to write about and you just can’t stop appreciating its beauty,

    2. gorgeousG

      I Agree laureen. prague is one of the most beautiful places i’ve visited. It’s a must for any traveler. btw, i like how you’re able to wear your runners in style! i really love your fashion sense — totally relatable and not pretentious at all! I’m a fan! :)