Break My Style | Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand

 If you want privacy and relaxation, check in at Westin Bay Resort. Look at their private beach! So peaceful. 
 Our view from the room. Wish I could wake up everyday seeing this outside my window.
 Bikinis from House of Vanita and Call It Spring
 Camera time! When you’re on a trip with bloggers- it’s non stop picture galore!!! Hahaha.
 I absolutely love this Lagu beach blanket. The first ever beach blanket that repels sand, making it easy for you! I promise to bring this every time I go to the beach. 
 Breakfast of champions!
 Kata beach. Oh, the things I will do just to go back here again. 
 See our reflection on Kryz’s sunnies?
 Reve cover up, Call It Spring bikini
 We had a scrumptious lunch at Ska Bar. 
Beach + booze = happiness
There are so many happy things you can do in life. Travel, be with friends, eat, laugh and live life without negativity. BMS.