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Perfect Sunset













SM Accessories hat

Side Bar sunnies

Naked Sun Swimwear bikini

Eudora cover up

I love sunsets. There’s something about it that makes the mood romantic and makes you just stare at it until you can’t see it anymore. It’s really magical, and I’m happy I got to see it in a different place- a place I’ve never been to before. It’s my first time in La Union and Guess definitely booked us one of the resorts there that’s known as Thunderbird.  This is their private beach and it’s absolutely breathtaking. My friends and I decided to take a swim so I wore this bikini I got from Naked Sun Swimwear (NSS). I’ve always been a fan of their swimsuits, I love how they constantly update their designs. What I like about NSS the most is that they use the best fabric ever- it’s not like other bikinis where I feel like the fabric might tear or that it’s not stretchy enough. It’s really hard to find nice bikinis for certain body types but they managed to get it all right. I got this pair because I like the combination of the blue shades and how it actually reminds me of the sea. It’s also a nice color to look at, don’t you think? The quality is really nice and the fit is a-okay. It feels like they made this one especially for me! We stayed at the beach until the sun went down before actually going to San Juan to have dinner. I definitely started my trip the right way.

By the way, check out NSS’ new website,  they made it easier for you guys to purchase items online. They’re also being sold at Certified Calm at Two Parkade Bonifacio High Street and Level 3 Shangri-la Plaza mall. BMS.


    1. Chloe

      What a breathtaking view! and that swimwear looks incredible on you. definitely loving the color of it. :)

      By the way, may i know what camera and lens you’re using? your pictures are amazing. thanks!