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SM Accessories earrings/ rings

Virgos Lounge dress

Jimmy Choo clutch

Stuart Weitzman heels

It takes a while to get used to being all dolled up and girly again. I’ve been traveling and going to the beach so much that I actually don’t know how to put make up on and be all made up for an event anymore- seriously! I wore this to the Miss Teen Philippines 2014 pageant night and it was the right outfit to wear because I didn’t look too glamorous and didn’t look underdressed either. As a mentor and an ambassadress for the said event, I was a bit confused on what to wear at first because all my co-ambassadress were going to be in gowns since they’ll be hosting and going up on stage- I was just there to attend and watch. Good thing I got this dress from Virgos Lounge. The sequins and bead work made the dress look so good even if the length isn’t long. I’m also happy I wore this pair of beautiful heels from Stuart Weitzman- made my feet comfortable all night. More about what happened during the pageant night tomorrow. BMS.


    1. Kaye Alid

      Ate laureen! Prang mag a-attend ka ng prom/soriee haha :) )) love the dress!!! And its style at the back! So perf! Love the bracelet and the clutch!!! You’re a doll!