Break My Style | Paul X

Paul X

(Paul Smith top, Stylebreak leather shorts, vintage stockings, Steve Madden wedges)
I wasn’t able to change my outfit for the Miriam Fair anymore because of my busy day. The fair’s program consisted of concerts, dance numbers, fashion shows and a lot more. Stylebreak was a part of the fashion show. I was actually shocked to hear that the models were only high school students. I swear, when I was in high school I didn’t know how to put on make up or curl my hair- reminiscing just made me feel old. *sigh*
I was able to be with Cara Eriguel (a close friend that I haven’t seen for the longest time), who was my Stylebreak muse that night. All our clothes looked stunning on her. Of course, Katrina Loring, my business partner/lover was back in town for this week. Hurrah!
(will post runway shots next time. xx)