Break My Style | Pastel Power

Pastel Power

pink coat street style 1

pink coat street style 2

pink coat street style 3

pink coat street style 4

pink coat street style 5

pink coat street style 6

Romwe coat

Dolce and Gabbana bag

Forever 21 pants

Adidas sneakers

Whenever I travel abroad, I still want to get connected with my friends who are back in my home town and post pictures online every chance I get so I can update you guys on what’s happening with my life. Thank goodness there’s Smart surf abroad to keep my life sane (I really don’t think I can live without the internet). I had a blast in Osaka last Christmas and was able to post tons of photos! Of course, when I’m back in Manila there’s more reason to have internet because 1. it’s cheaper 2. i’ll be able to stream my favorite movies/ videos while on the go and 3. i’ll be in touch with my family/friends all day. Good thing Smart’s Big Bytes 50 now has 2x data! It’s now 700mb so you can definitely post all your pictures on your social media accounts, watch videos on Youtube/Iflix and more. Just text BIG50 to 9999 to subscribe! Great news, right? 


    1. Jm Dongsao

      Perfect color combination this year… so femme with the color Ate Laureen lab iiit!!!! :) hehehe

    2. Girlie Marie Joyce Kilario

      i want to recreate this look since parang blush pink ata ang trend this spring. haha (not sure though since madalas ko makita sa runway) thanks for sharing this amazing look! you always slay it, l xx

    3. Jess batoon

      pastel power! a perfect example on how you can wear a colored outfit, without looking flashy. keeping it striking and head-turning.

    4. Toni Marie Luna

      i really should consider Smart’s Big Bytes 50 coz i didnt think my first comment was submitted. *face palm*

    5. Kath S.

      I love your overAll outfit. I just wish i can pull that off when I start treveling to Colder countries. Oh and also, I’m glad that smart has twice the data now! I can perfectly post Updates and photos wIthout worrying of my data!

    6. Kath S.

      I love your overall outfit, I just wish I can pull that off once I travel to colder countries soon. Also, i love that smart has now twice the data for a cheap price! I no longer have to worry about updating facebbook/twitter or posting photos.

    7. Jeryl

      just registered to Big50 :-) hi ate laur :-) ang light mong tingnan .. sarap sa mata yung mga colors .. Love you po

    8. Aaron

      ahhhh! i really love pastel colors and it suits you #harthart looking forward for more pastels :) love it!