Break My Style | Parking Lot

Parking Lot

(Crow top, Extreme Finds necklace, Cotton On jeans, Gold Dot tool cuff, SM Accessories bangle, Feet for a Queen pumps)

I can’t explain how fashionably rugged my look is. I haven’t worn jeans for the longest time (you know how hot it is here in Manila), but I fell in love with it again after pairing it with my Givenchy-inspired cropped top. I just can’t get enough of cropped tops- not only are they affordable, but they’re fashionable too. They’re a perfect match! Wore accessories that are out of this world too, especially my lucitetool cuff- I can’t describe it fully, but all I know is it’s an eye-catcher and I love it! BMS.
Photos by: Robbie Becroft

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    1. eggtartbox

      Black and white photographs are probably one of my favourite types, if not the favourite; there’s just something very visually striking which is readily apparent in your first photograph. It’s nice to see you wearing jeans despite the heat (although makes the crop top more perfect!) and I like you’ve kept mostly in a similar colour palette. Hope you’ve been having a lovely day!

    2. Lyubov

      To yumiKo: Thanks a lot! Good luck with the D.I.Y., very cool you’re gonna try it too! And thank you so much for following me! I’ll deiltfneiy check your blog out too. :) InesT: thanks for the comment! I did my best with the dress ;) hihi.tessa: exactly girl! You know what I’m talking about! :D xxx Linsey