Break My Style | Palette Cleanser

Palette Cleanser









Zara top

Vest from Hong Kong

Mulberry bag

Topshop pants

Alexander Wang heels

I’ve always been in love with neons and brights, but just like food or any other thing in particular, indulging in excess can make you feel either exhausted or even fed up. It’s days like this that I’m glad I can turn to pastel to make my outfit look simple and refreshing. I wore this a few months back for a talk I did for De La Salle Lipa’s ASEAN summit. I was one of the speakers and seeing that I needed to wear something in the middle of chic and corporate for an event like this, I chose to match pastel pink with a long gray vest to balance it out. I wish I wore more accessories though because it would totally make my look better. I was trying to search for nice accessories and shoes when I stumbled upon an online shop called Evine Live. They sell a lot of nice stuff including make up! It got me more inspired to try out new looks- you guys should check it out. The link also includes coupons and promo codes so we can all enjoy shopping! BMS.


    1. jai

      gREAT ENSEMBLE! i REMEmber you also wore this outfit last chalk campus tour in miriam college (my school) :) you gave us great tips in fashion and styling, hope you could visit again soon! Much love xx


      so freshing tingnan :) and your hair blends well sa outfit mo :) para syang accessories lang din :) Love you Ate Laur :) Minsan, I don’t leave comment coz nakaka speechless lang :) i’m not that good in expressing through words. hehehe. but you are really an inspiration to all especially to the teens :)