Break My Style | Paisley










SM Accessories necklace/ bracelets

Binky Doodles top

Extreme Finds clutch

SM GTW pants

Celine wedges

I sort of have a uniform when I do mall meet and greets or when I guest on some shows. I don’t know why, but there’s something about tight cropped tops and wide legs jeans that make me look amazingly taller and slimmer. Of course, it’s not always the same top and wide leg pants I use, but I’m really starting to collect these pieces so I can wear them when I need to. Aside from the fact that they’re comfortable to wear, it’s also a safe ensemble because it’s not too feminine and not too edgy, so that when I have talks inside the mall and people who don’t know me pass by, they won’t not think my outfit is from outer space. Haha. I did a webisode for SM Mens Fashion last month with Brent Javier and Rafael Do Prado and wore this for the short guesting. I also paired it with this unicorn clutch that’s absolutely cute! It’s a nice clutch to wear to events because people would definitely find it amusing- trust me. If you want to watch the webisodes (and I promise you, you will laugh and note regret it!), check out their Facebook Page. Happy viewing! BMS. 


    1. Lourine

      Uniform! Haha. Cool. I kinda remember that meet-up with David Guison ba yun? Or the one at Batangas? Not sure. Hehe. But I think it’s red and white. :)