Break My Style | Overly Oversized

Overly Oversized











SM Accessories hat/ ring

Gap sweater

Glam Goddess necklace

Saint Laurent bag

Gap jeans

Alaia boots

I love wearing oversized sweaters. It gives me comfort and that satisfying feeling knowing I can move around freely without any hassle and irritation. I also think it’s perfect with jeans or shorts. Since it’s been raining a lot in Manila, I opted to wear jeans and booties so I’m covered up and dry all day long. When I was trying to look for a good pair of jeans, I was really surprised when I tried on this one from Gap. It’s probably one of the nicest jeans I’ve worn my whole life. It’s stretchy so it’ll fit well on anyone’s legs and will probably be overused by many. Even if I didn’t accessorize or layer clothes a lot, it just magically seems to look fashionable in my eyes, maybe because of the striped oversized top with my statement necklace. It can also be that my entire look revolved around neutral colours with a surprise coloured hat. It’s really nice to be wearing something you know looks good and is unbelievably comfy at the same time- it’s like you’re hitting two birds with one stone! Actually, all my sweaters are really overused. When I’m feeling lazy to dress up, I always grab a sweater and just wear a hat for a relaxed and edgy look. BMS.