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Les Artists hat

Shirt from I.T.

Dolce and Gabbana bag

Punchdrunk Panda organizer

Adidas sneakers

I find myself leaving the house needing to bring so many things with me and since I always use a small sling bag, I usually end up bringing so magazines, books, papers, etc. on my arms to the point that I feel like I’m back to being a high school girl carrying tons of books to her classroom. I’ve always wanted a handy dandy organizer that I can bring around with me everywhere I go- good thing I saw Punchdrunk Panda’s organizer online. Aside from its cute design, I really love all its features! It’s made with ripstop fabric, making it water-resistant. There are pockets to hold small notebooks, pens/pencils and a zippered pockets to secure smaller or valuable items. You can even put long bond papers inside! Two open pockets are also built into the front and a large one at the back so you can slide in items when you’re in a rush. Now my life is so much easier! BMS. 

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