Break My Style | Oreo Truffles

Oreo Truffles

 Last week, I received a half dozen of these yummy low fat Oreo chocolate truffles by SweeTetite. When you look at it, it might look simple, but once you take a bite, I’m sure you wont stop eating one after the other. 
Why I like it:
1. It’s low fat oreos so the less the calories the better.
2. It’s affordable- half dozen: P185.00, one dozen: P350.00
3. I’m in love with chocolate and oreos. Combined, they’re the bomb.
Their other truffle products are: no sugar chocolate truffles, belgian truffles, baileys truffles, almond chocolate truffles, mocha truffles and many many more. 

Visit SweeTetite to order or email them at Thank you Marione for these. BMS.