Break My Style | On The Rocks

On The Rocks

 My Binondo Girl flew to Hong Kong last August 2-5 to shoot (bongga). So we were trying to look for location shots and this was our first stop. Love the scenery.
 (H&M top, Topshop tank, vintage shorts)
 (Mia Casa double cross ring, Taiwan brand ram ring)
 Love the pockets on this cardigan. Wasn’t able to take a shot of the back but it was sheer teal.
 And of course, I wore my ever-so-reliable Suelas flats. It’s really for travelling and it’s all about being comfy. Designed shoes for them too! I think it’s coming out this September- watch out for it.
More photos soon. BMS.


    1. Mrs. Kolca

      Ohhh.. nice background. Love and enjoyed the photos. When in HK, shopping is the best thing to do. Please post your shopping haul also. Will wait for it. Hihi.