Break My Style | Ombre


(vintage sunnies, SM Accessories necklace/ bangles, Primadonna top, Balenciaga bag, Thread Manila ombre shorts, HABI flats)

Don’t you just love days where you can be more relaxed? I was running a few errands this day and it was the perfect time to wear this very loose (and shouting neon) top. Of course, I just had to wear this ombre shorts to match my hair. The studs and the tie dye has this messy-but-awesome effect. Walking around the city the whole day means wearing comfy flats, so let me share to you the wonders of HABI flats- they’re eco-friendly and the materials that they use are all recycled cloth material and recycled truck tires for the soles. It’s all about being innovative! We can walk responsibly with these shoes (they’re really unbelievable comfy). In short, this is THE errands day look for me. BMS.