Break My Style | Oh Wow Macau!

Oh Wow Macau!









Ferrin and Gruss sunglasses

Plains and Prints top/ skirt

Philip Stein watch from Watches Manila

Rebecca Minkoff bag from iLuxe

Zara blazer

Tods flats

Hello Macau! I still can’t believe it’s my first time in this beautiful city, thanks to City of Dreams Manila. If you guys haven’t heard the news, City of Dreams is opening in Manila- and it’s going to be awesome! When I got an email asking if I wanted to go to Macau, how can I say no! I was invited so I can get a taste of what City of Dreams there feels like because once they open in Manila, it’s going to be just as spectacular. Sadly, I only stayed there overnight because I had work the following day- but my trip was totally worth it. Here’s what I wore during my stay. Macau has a tropical weather, but since we watched plays and mostly stayed inside the hotels, wearing a blazer is perfect! And because we had a full schedule everyday, I wore my new steal: Philip Stein watch from Watches Manila. It’s important to wear a watch when traveling so you won’t be late for your next event/agenda. I’m so happy they sell a lot of cool watches (even hard to find ones) at an affordable price. Love how this ensemble can look so sleek and comfortable at the same time. I was able to enjoy my City of Dreams tour smoothly! More travel photos on my next post. BMS. 


    1. Mae

      You’re so Pretty!You’re my idol Ms.UY in fulfilling my dreams.btw, what’s your waistline?lalo kang pumapayat po. :)

    2. Liezel

      Hi I really love your fashion but i can’t afford it:( you Started at tumblr And now you have anew blog and meeTing loTs of peOple, I hope I could be you and I could be oNe Of Those PEople you wIll meet

    3. kaye alid

      I HOPE IT OPENS HERE IN CDO :( LOL HAHA HOPEFULLY SOON. LOVE THE LOOK!!! You look younger with that look xD