Break My Style | Nike Cortez 40/40

Nike Cortez 40/40

 Nike Cortez just celebrated it’s 40th anniversary a few weeks ago at Sole Academy and got several personalities from different fields to design a nike Cortez pair for them. Imagine my excitement when they emailed asking me to be one of the designers! Actually, I was excited and scared too because the other artists were tattoo designers, graphic artists, etc. I guess it’s how you make the shoes “you” and how it’ll reflect your personality too. 
 This is my design. I used pylox paint, acrylic spray paint, markers and studs. In short, everything I used when I first put my DIY online shop Stylebreak. Each check mark had different graffiti-like drawings of my inspiration like music, shoes, florals, etc. How do you like it? 
Well, I’m no expert like these guys. Haha. These are the shoe designs of (L-R clockwise) Chicosci’s frontman Miggy Chavez, associate creative director JP Cuison, tattoo artists Ron Poe/ Myke Sambajon and illustrator/ graphic designer Nelz Yumol. I wasn’t able to take photos of the other designs but the others who also participated are visual merchandiser Eunice Alera, graphic designer AJ Dimarucot and designer Anton Lopez. BMS.