Break My Style | Next Wave BTS

Next Wave BTS

 Curlers, straighteners and products filled this table
 model Samantha Lewis and chef Nino Laus
 Our bonggang stylist Adrianne Concepcion
 sandwiches for everyone!!!
 Photographer Lope Navo teaching us what to do. It was my first time working with him and I loved all the photos!
 Sarah’s awesome tattoo
 Models Pauline Prieto and Samantha Lewis goofing around
ABS-CBN actors AJ Perez and Jake Roxas. 


    1. Ceejay

      looks like aj though, i totally freaked out, i thought i jst read it wrong, pero AJ nga.. owemm! I love this blog! I always check it everyday! :) it’s the site i look at right after i open facebook! :)