Break My Style | New In: Flats

New In: Flats

 TLTSN gray and yellow flats, Schu two-toned oxfords
Schu brown and peach flats, Havaianas slippers

I’m welcoming more flats into my closet because of taping. You really can’t go to tapings wearing heels because you’ll be changing outfits like crazy- plus you’ll be needing comfy flats in between takes. Here are some of my preferred flats. 
Ps. for those asking where you can buy TLTSN, it’s only available at Eastwood City walk 2, right beside Starbucks. BMS.


    1. Mae Cleofe

      i!! i really like the way you dress.I’m only 15 and still studying.i’m not a socialite person and i seldom go to it ok if i buy pink and black pump shoes?i cannot take my eyes away from it every time i see it. please give me an advice..thank you!! :D

    2. Unknown

      this oxfords look so cool. when i opened your blog like a month ago and there were pictures of the shop TLTSN, I went to eastwood right away to checked out the store. i fell in love with all of their products. Thanks for introducing TLTSN to me. :)