Break My Style | Neons


(Givenchy panther glasses, Goody spin pins, HK brand top, Phosphor watch, Celine bag, H&M pants, Risque wedges)

How awesome are my Risque wedges! These were the only wedges I brought with me in Korea and it’s amazing how it looks so incredibly stylish and unique. I know it looks freakishly painful but believe me, I can wear it all day and not complain one single bit. I felt like I wore flatforms the entire time. This is the first pair of wedges I have that has aztec prints on it with hints on bright colors in between. Ugh, I’m such a sucker for statement shoes. What to pair it with? These pajama-like neon harem pants so I can sleep on the plane like a baby. And yes, I changed into flats when I arrived at the airport. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: I know this is out of the topic but I’m happy to announce the winner of my New Crocs New You finalist, Lia Espina Lopez. She was picked by Crocs because of her story and now she’s competing against people from other countries. Let’s make her win so she can go to Japan. Help by voting HERE. Pinoy pride once again! BMS.