Break My Style | Neckplush


(Stylista PH neckplush, Cotton On top, Luminox watch, Balenciaga bag, IAAH shorts, Gold Dot bangle/ wedges)

A modern and urban take on a scarf- yep it’s the neckplush I’m wearing on this post. I love it because it’s something new and very useful for our weather. It’s the start of Ber months already so I’m glad I got this one to keep me warm. I still remember last year, December-January were very breezy months for us! I just wore a plain top paired with black shorts because I don’t really need to dress up that much or excessorize because this neckplush instantly adds character to a look! To finalize my look, these Gold Dot wedges are something else too- I love how they always customize shoes and think of very creative designs for their customers… just like Stylista PH’s neckplush. BMS.