Break My Style | my lipstick brings all the boys to the yard

my lipstick brings all the boys to the yard

 Since a lot of people are always asking what shade of lipsticks I use, I decided to blog about them.
My lipstick shades are always different because I like combining two lipstick shades in one use.
Viva Glam Gaga, Cherish, Honey Love, Lady Danger, Pink Nouveau
030 Fuschia, 006 Really Red
R42 Passion Red and Fruity Jelly to give it a shine in the end
 I barely use lip glosses but when I do, it’s Philosophy and Mac’s Mcqueen ’07 collection
Rouge artist intense 49 (purple) and 40 (orange)
Dolce Vita, Schiap and Cruella (lip liner)
I still have so many lipsticks lying around my vanity area but I decided to post the ones that I always use. Hope it helps! BMS.


    1. bee.

      wow. that’s a decent amount of lipsticks…all great choices! I’d always notice your lipstick color adides from your outfits…so, thanks for sharing!

      -bee. (^_^)