Break My Style | Music, Instruments and Movement

Music, Instruments and Movement

Lead girl Pam (also the cousin of Venus Raj)
(Aldo earrings, Hong Kong dress turned into top, WAGW skirt, F&H by Andre Chang platforms)
It’s been a long time since I last styled. I remember the stress I had when I juggled school, work, Stylebreak and styling all together (that’s why I stopped styling). Now I only do it if I’m super free and if my friends ask me for favors.
I styled the lead girl Pam (who is the cousin of Venus Raj). She’s the only girl in her band too. She can practically sing everything. 
If you haven’t noticed, The top I’m wearing is actually a dress. I opted to wear it this way so it will look more casual, paired with my brown skirt with leather details.BMS