Break My Style | Morticia










Murano necklace

Fashion Style For Less dress/ shoes

Stylehood watch

Chloe bag

I don’t know why, but this outfit kinda reminds me of Morticia Addams, but of course, in a more fashionable way. Now I know why she’s always in long black dresses, it’s the best thing to wear if you don’t want to think about what you want to wear but still look effortlessly gorgeous. Every time I’m too lazy to think of what I’m going to wear, I always go for black colored pieces- they’re the easiest to pick! I was really lucky to have found this dress from Fashion Style For Less, the cut outs on the waist area makes your shape look curvier and sexier. There are also slits on both sides of the dress- it’s actually a very nice dress to wear even on the beach (during date nights in Boracay, etc) because you can really move around. It’s a well balanced dress because even if the cut outs really make you look sexy, it’s a long dress so your legs are still a bit covered. Aside from the dress, everything else revolved around the color red. BMS.

Photos by: Spike


    1. Anonymous

      I love it! So chic! aside from the fact that you’re really sexy, ang lakas pa lalo makasexy ng dress mo! hehe. by the way, may i know what’s your lipstick here? thankie! :)