Break My Style | Morange










Lanvin necklace

Styligion dress

mixed accessories

Jimmy Choo clutch

Alexander McQueen heels

This was my final look at 7:00am. I know it looks like I’m ready for an event (I wish). Nope, I also didn’t party all night and went home in the morning- this happened because I had a 5:00am call time for a shoot. It’s not so bad since I’ve had earlier call times before when I used to be part of a teleserye. Haha. A few months ago, I shot for Preview Magazine’s “Fashion is Power” campaign and it was a whole day of work!  I was so happy to be working with some of the best people in the industry, including my brother Vince. They chose this outfit because the look that they were going for was an after-party scene. I can’t wait for you guys to see the actual video. I’ll blog abut it tomorrow including some BTS pictures from the shoot! BMS. 


    1. Ellie

      miss laureen, you really are STUNNING in every clothes you wear. you handle it very well naturally. your effortless beauty keeps us inspired as always. wished i’d nail that kind of look after partying all night! hahaha x

    2. Marjorie Kaye

      hi laureen! i love the video! hahaha angelina jolie lang peg. =) plus i love your dress- sexyback!!! =)

    3. Kath_07

      Super love the make – up. ♥♥♥ so beautiful!
      Ms. Laureen, may I know whats your hair color?
      thanks :D

    4. Jelie Orolfo

      ATe laureen, you’re very gorgeous and talented<3 I really admire you a lot ate lau when it comes to fashion :) )I want to meet you in person.

    5. Jelie orolfo

      May mga schedule ka ba ng meet and greet ate laureen para mameet kita?Can i ask you some advice to you ate laureen about fashion? :) )