Break My Style | Mime











H&M hat

Rayban sunnies

Vanity Street top

House of Eva jumper

My Posh Shop bracelets

Alexander Wang bag

Suki Shoes from The Shoe Center

Yes, my black and white craze isn’t over yet! There are so many pieces I’d still want to wear. I love experimenting on different kinds of clothing and how I can wear them on several occasions. I’m so addicted to cropped tops and instantly fell in love with this one, it was the only top inside my closet that matched perfectly with this jumper. Rompers always make me look younger, but showing little skin made it look subtly sexy and I guess more mature on me. It wasn’t overdone as well because my arms were covered. I really didn’t wear much accessories because these bracelets from My Posh Shop already made the ensemble better. Every detail on the bracelets are just simply amazing- my favorite charm is the shoe. Lastly, I haven’t really worn spikes lately (I used to all the time, probably you’ll see spikes on almost all my previous ootds) but these Suki Shoes from The Shoe Center is just wonderful and incredibly comfy too. The details are all at the back and I think it’s such a nice surprise! Booties are so nice to wear, especially that it’s been raining recently. It’ll keep your feet dry and you’ll surely get a lot of stares too. BMS.