Break My Style | Messenger Girl

Messenger Girl

(Cole Vintage top, Project Muse bangle, Bubbles necklace/rings, Topshop shorts, Serial Apparel bag, TLTSN shoes)

I’m sure you know I don’t normally blog about bags- It’s because I’m always too lazy to change bags, especially if I’m in a rush. But when I saw this brown satchel online from Serial Apparel, I knew I had to get it. It just compliments my entire look- it sort of reminds me of my high school/ college days- perfect for schooling because the space is huge inside, meaning you don’t have to carry that much books in your hands. I must say, satchels are very practical- and with the variety of colors that they have, you’d surely want to buy everything. And because of this, I decided to wear flats and just feel like a college student once again. BMS.
Photos by: Robbie Becroft

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    1. Anonymous

      hi Laureen i just wanna know hu take your pictures?do u use a tripod to take photos of ur self?if so how do you make the background blurry and ur self well defined in the shots?whats the setting in the cakear u use, i know from ur old post that u have a nikon 3100?i have the same but i dont know how to use other settings aside from auto:(frustrating:)thanx,,Rebecca([email protected])thanx:)

    2. eggtartbox

      I like the mixture of the different statement jewelry that you’re wearing contrasted with the simple satchel bag. (The peacock ring is my favourite for the colours and how delicate it seems.) I hope you’re having a pleasant weekend! xx

    3. Angelwynxx

      Your peacock ring is amazing! Its very beautiful and you cannot deny the fact that it’s from real peacock’s feather. Where did u get that one?

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