Break My Style | MDG


 Overwhelmed by sunnies. I went to the BLI office to check out new pair of shades because it’s getting hotter and hotter everyday.
Check out D&G’s limited edition by Madonna called MDG.
I’m definitely getting one. BMS.
Dolce&Gabbana is exclusively distributed by Branded Lifestyle, Inc. and is exclusively available in Adora, Greenbelt 5, LS Pascual Optical Power Plant Mall


    1. Peejay

      Hi, Your weblog appears awesome – complete with interesting content and so forth. Your own stuff is very nice… Keep it up! :-)

    2. manuelpacifico

      the insignia is kinda off for me though, I can’t help but think that the M was just put to a bunch of sunglasses by D&G already, masabe lang na Madonna yung line. hehe.

    3. fasyonista

      Hi Laureen! :)

      This is kinda off topic but still related to your post. Would you know a place/store where I can buy a storage cabinet or whatever you call it where I can keep my sunglasses? Thanks!