Break My Style | Mango Mania

Mango Mania

(Goody spin pins, Givenchy glasses, Mango top/ shorts/ accessories, Balenciaga bag, Jil Sander booties)

My jaw literally dropped when I saw this silk/cotton printed top in Mango. Actually, I saw this in white and pink too, and I had the hardest time deciding what to get. Everyone knows I am a huge fan of prints, and this one is simply exceptional. It just looks so luxurious. Now, I wore snakeskin shorts and neon necklaces to give this outfit an extra oomph. I feel like the printed shorts are perfect for summer because it’s short, sexy and stylish- plus, so comfy too! And of course, as an accessory lover, I chose to pile on these necklaces for that hippie, summer vibe. I’m always used to wearing gold/silver necklaces, so these are really something new. Print on print looks are very addicting- I feel like I play a game every time I mix and match items, trying out what will look best for a certain look. BMS.