Break My Style | Malling


(Project Muse necklaces, WAGW hat and top, Topshop shorts, Kandi Treats bracelets, Finch wedges)

I don’t know about you, but I think the necklaces and the wedges made a big difference with my entire look. The glittery gold top and my flower power Project Muse necklaces just goes well together- this is the first time I wore necklaces as girly as this- and I love it! The combination of the pastel colors is so unique that it makes the entire outfit stand out. It makes a dull outfit bright in an instant. Now, this triple layer wedges that for sure not everyone is willing to wear are so amazing. It might seem hard to walk in it, but actually it’s just like any other wedges, only it catches more attention. Oh, and I wore a hat because my hair hated me that day. BMS.

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    1. Jill

      A really great mixture of colors. I specially like the shorts. ah no everything in this outfit. I agree with you about the necklace.

    2. Anonymous

      now I am a fan…… (“,) very nice shot……. who shoot it? yesterday, I hate fashion, it’s boring….. but the way you present it, it make me think twice about the F! thing…… Good job, keep it coming……. (“,)

    3. Maria Kristina Operario

      waaah! I’m inlove with the shoes! Saw and shared it to my friends through facebook. They said it looked weird and over done. but hey! I love it! super!!! I’m so buying one! Looking great here Laureen :) HAppy New Year!!

    4. Napoleon Nalcot

      I happened to find your website in the Manila Standard Today in which you have a column. I would like to say that you have a very attractive blog, just as elegant as you are.