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Maillot Moment

Black scallop maillot swimsuit 5

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hat from London

Cesa swimsuit

Girl on the Train book

Bondi Lifestyle roundee towel

A few months ago, I went to Henann Resort Bohol and had an incredible time bumming around. It was literally three days filled with adventure, eating and tanning. I was also able to finish the book I was reading during that time- I didn’t notice the time that’s why I got so dark! LOL. I went during the ber months so I knew I gained a few pounds after summer. One-piece swimsuits are my best friends whenever I feel bloated so I wore this scallop maillot from Cesa. It made me look incredibly thin because of its design and style. I personally love that it shows my entire back- that way I can flaunt it and get a good tan as well. BMS.


    1. Jm Dongsao

      You look so gorgeous Ate Laureen…how I wish I can wear swimsuit also (I’m not confident enough!!!) hahaha :)

    2. Vulter Chuck go paras

      Are you coming to Cebu this weekend ate laureen ? I hope I wanna see you and took a photo with you. you are my FAVOURITE blogger.

    3. Mercy

      you have the best swimwears i found among blogs. i agree one-piece is a good idea when feeling you’ve indulged on too much food but hey i can’t find you gaining a pound. you still look good as ever.

    4. Jov

      I was like “kailn nya kaya ibebenta yung bikini nya.pwede magpareserve?” I want to have one same nung sayo but I don’t know where I can find na ganyan na mura lang :)


      more Vlog please :D