Break My Style | Lost in Osaka

Lost in Osaka

Osaka Street Style 1

Osaka Street Style 2

Osaka Street Style 3

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Osaka Street Style 6

Sunday Somewhere sunglasses

Zara coat

Romwe inner gray coat

Louis Vuitton bag

Zara leggings

Adidas sneakers

Googling the best coffee shops and places to go in a foreign country can be easy, getting there is the hard part. 95% of the time, you get there easily, but sometimes it’s just inevitable not to get lost. I was in Osaka with my family last Christmas and had free time during the afternoon so my siblings and I decided to go to Orange street. We rode a train and ended up at an empty train station (that’s why I was able to get some pretty good outfits shots lol) and that’s when we realized we were at the wrong stop. We decided to walk around the quiet streets of wherever and ended up having fun! It actually made me realize that getting lost is part of the beautiful journey and sometimes it’s just worth the wait. BMS.