Break My Style | Loose on Loose

Loose on Loose

I love my Stylebreak white top. It’s so loose and perfect for lazy days. Fabric is so soft and thin, it feels so breezy!
Wearing my Mariz one piece feathered earring. Recently I’m now obsessed with them. I remember Jasmine Curtis wore it for The Script concert three months ago. Way to start a trend girl!
 My korean friend/classmate/photographer-of-the-day-for-my-blog Dae Lee.
With my all around buddy Kim Manalo, I love this guy to death! Everyone loves him.
(Stylebreak top, WAGW hat, Quirky Pedia necklace, Mariz earring, Alexander Wang bag, Topshop wide leg jeans, Topshop wedges)

Graduation practice day. It was so weird to see everyone in school again after not seeing them for almost three months. Everyone was so ecstatic to graduate already- including me. Finally, I’m entering the real world. I decided to wear something comfy because for sure we’d be practicing the entire afternoon. Loose on loose. Love it. BMS.


    1. bestie

      Loose-on-loose is my favorite! And you wear it well (: wow, congrats Laureen! You’ve already accomplished so much and you hadn’t even graduated yet! <3