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Whenever I travel a lot, I always come back home inspired and motivated. Visiting a new country always gives me fresh ideas I can apply in my life and I must say, I’m really lucky to get to travel to so many beautiful destinations and share them to you guys. Sometimes though (okay, I’m lying.), or most of the time, I do get home sick. That’s why I like bringing something along with me that’ll remind me of my Filipino roots. I got an Ibarra watch online and can say that it’s something I can wear proudly everyday. When you hear the word Ibarra, you automatically think of a Filipino gentleman who’s strong and a dreamer with a deep love for this country. Ibarra Watches is just that- and that’s the reason why I like wearing it. The style and design is timeless and elegant and can easily be paired with anything. Proud Filipino right here! BMS.


    1. Coralie G.

      Hello, I just discovered your blog and I love it ! I love your looks, you’re very beautiful !
      I’m a french beauty and fashion blogger, I’ll be very grateful if you came to my blog and tell me what you think about it. Kisses xx

    2. it's me andy

      Hi ate laureen! Been admiring you since the day i followed you on snapchat and yt! you’re so kulit and funny! More power to you ate! :) you’re one of my inspirations as an ASPIRING blogger!

    3. Jm Dongsao

      You look totally different because of your hair- a better change^^ love it!! God Bless always Ate Laureen!! :)

    4. iphone battery fix

      Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride! Nobody’s gonna slow me down! Oh no! I’ve got to keep on moving!