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Live the Promise of Beautiful Skin

 A couple of weeks ago, Belo sent a small package for me. I was able to try it out yesterday and wow, it worked wonders for my skin. 
First, I tried the facial wash. It has Dermwhite plus, glutathione and skin vitamins so your face will even out your skin tone and cleans/ retain skin’s natural moisture. After, I put on the moisture-rich whitening toner (it’s my first time actually to put toner on my face) and when I woke up, my face felt so soft and relaxed. The toner promotes cell renewal and provides longer lasting moisture. I love it.
My favorite so far is the smoothening whitening body bar. It smells better than baby’s milk and prevents dryness to achieve that silky smooth skin. I put the whitening lotion after to maintain the softness of my skin. 
Believe it or not- all their whitening products moisturizes and lightens your skin safely in as little as seven days. 

“Live the promise of beautiful skin with expert skin care from Belo.” BMS.