Break My Style | Live Photo Shoot

Live Photo Shoot

 Happy birthday Charina Sarte! She celebrated her birthday at Opus and it was a one-of-a-kind party.
 Dong, Adrien, Bea and Isabelle were the early birds
 Ava Daza, Mike Concepcion and Jess Wilson in bright whites. Both girls were muses for the night
 (Randy Ortiz for Kashieca dress, SM accessories cuff, Pedro heels)
 Chanel earrings and a mix of Mac’s lady gaga and pink nouveau lipsticks
 Charina showed her holiday collection by having a live photo shoot taken by Doc Marlon.
 Every time he takes a shot, it shows on the huge wall in Opus.  
 Divine Lee posing for the camera.
 Bea Soriano and ISabelle Daza were also muses
Cheers to all the muses and of course, to Charina Sarte. BMS.


    1. Mea

      Looks like alot of fun!
      Do you happen to know where the girl to the right in the first pic got her white dress? So stunning!