Break My Style | Let It Flow

Let It Flow










BCBG hat

Stun sunglasses

Bhig Buda bikini

BCBG maxi skirt

Tory Burch slippers


Let it Flow, let it Flow.. Can’t hold it back anymore. If you’ve watched Frozen, I’m sure you sang my opening sentence! Hahaha. I love bringing maxi skirts to my beach trips because they’re very useful. It can be worn with a bikini during the day or a cute top during an event at night- plus they make everything look extra dramatic. During Nivea’s presentation in the afternoon, I paired it with this ruffled bikini from Bhig Buda. I love how it’s made and how incredibly slim you look when you’re only wearing the bikini on. I think it’s because of the inverted V shape that gives you that illusion that you’re curvier. It’s very convenient too because it’s not only made for swimming but you can also wear it out at night- like this look in particular. I just put on a skirt and voila! After the presentation, I just took off my skirt (since I’m wearing the partner bottom) and continued to swim again. By the way, I told you I’m in love with the color mint green. BMS.

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Photos by: Spike


    1. Lourine

      That moment when hindi ko pa nababasa yung text, just the title, kinakanta ko na yung Let it Flow. hahaha.