Break My Style | Leather and Wood

Leather and Wood









Sonia Rykel sunnies

Glazey Mode necklace

Esprit top/ pants

Saint Laurent bag

Miss Sartorial bracelet

Clarks heels

I was about to leave the house when it started drizzling (a few moments before it was a bit cloudy, and before that it was raining). Since the weather was very unpredictable, I opted to wear a tank top paired with a blazer so I can remove it any time it gets hot and put it back on when it rains. I went with cream and gold colors for my shoes and accessories just so it’ll make the look more alive. Oh, how I’ve missed wearing comfy shoes. Yes, these are heels from Clarks that’s unbelievably cute and comfortable at the same time! I guess it’s extra points for having no platforms, but regardless- I think the entire outfit went well altogether because of the color scheme and how it looks so relaxed and fit for a rainy weather.  Did you know Clarks is the fourth largest footwear company on the planet? Yep, they’ve come a long way since Cyrus and James Clark! They also have branches in North America, Western and Eastern Europe, India and China. Anyway, back to my look. I really missed wearing heels without platforms, sure it doesn’t make you look as tall, but the comfort level is really different too! This specific pair of heels just made the look better. The brown and black leather with wood combo just made it perfect for a casual ensemble. 

Good news too!! Clarks is also hosting a promo on their Facebook page! Simply vote for your favorite pair and get a chance to win a FREE pair of Clarks shoes! I love no-sweat contests like this! All you have to do is like their Facebook Fanpage and CLICK HERE to join. You can also follow them on Instagram for updates. Easy peasy right? Join now and good luck! BMS.



    1. Lourine

      Hello po! I followed you on bloglovin but it’s not updating everytime you have a new blog post. I don’t know why. Thought you wanna know. It’s good that it’s my habit to visit your blog. HEhehe. ENjoy your Malaysian trip :)

    2. Lauren

      Hello, I wEnt to follow you on bloglovin and Noticed your feed Doesn’t seem to have Updated in a long time. It may not be reading your rss updates for some reason. Anyway just wanTed to bRing that to your attention if you didn’t know. also, I looooove those pants!

    3. Hieva

      Hello miss laureen. I really Adore you so much. I love checkin out your blog every now and then. its just totally fab! i just wanna ask, what lipstick did you put on? love it!