Break My Style | Lazy


(D&G sunnies, WAGW top, Love Eyecandy necklace, SM Accessories clear bangle, TLTSN gold-black bangle/ bug ring, H&M shorts, Anna Sui x Hush Puppies oxfords)

A very lazy day for me. I went to Trinoma and I wanted to be as laid back as I can- so voila! You can never go wrong with a loose top and shorts. NEVER. You just have to accessorize it well. Oh, and I finally got to wear these cobalt blue oxfords- OMG, they’re so comfy and, I may say, a real eye-catcher. 
The trick if you feel lazy and you don’t want to put make up on? Wear lipstick and a pair of sunnies. BMS.


    1. Dianne Khu

      I’m sort of a balikbayan and I just got back for a 1 week vacation… I visited SM this afternoon and I’m so in love with their accessories! Actually, they’re so even better than international brands like Forever 21 and H&M which I’m actually addicted to. I bought this edgy leathery necklace with tube-like metal accents and an eclectic turquoise ring – all for less than Php 700. Super worth it. I’m excited to wear them! Was amazed to see you use SM accessories too – now I’m not surprised! You just gotta know which to pick. By the way, I’m not in any way affiliated with SM. ;-) Love your style, and I’m a fan of My Binondo Girl. Love the outfits girl.

    2. eggtartbox

      The cobalt blue colour is so visually stunning, it must really stand out against your otherwise neutral based outfit. It definitely looks very comfy to wear and I share your sentiments about a loose top and shorts. Hope you had a pleasant time at Trinoma!