Break My Style | Layering


 How to layer this black sheer top and velvet leggings?
 Wear a white cut out blazer.
 Wear a military-inspired vest.
or wear an oversized gold top over.

(all Crossings apparel, accessories and shoes)
Now’s the perfect time to layer because of the rainy, cold weather. I love how everything is inside Crossings department. All the items that I look for are there. BMS.
Photos by: Gerry Robinson

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    1. Melai

      Hey Laureen! You look great :) Nice quick and easy transformations. I love Crossings as well. Very stylish set of apparels and footwear plus accessories over there :) Stay pretty!

      Melai of Style and Soul

    2. eggtartbox

      I like how you’ve layered all of these different textures together! (Never would have thought of wearing another top atop of a vest~) Hope that you have a good weekend!

    3. Ivanturpin

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    4. Katheezy

      I give you a round of applause for being able to walk in them heels for a long time. I have a version in black and it only lasted me an hour. My feet were killing me!

      Anyway, love the outfit. Very Modern edge.