Break My Style | Last Day in Cebu

Last Day in Cebu

the media people I love from Candy, Chalk, Cosmopolitan and Preview.
with the Uy sisters and Camille Co
(WAGW hat, Zara top, necklace from my sister, Topshop shorts)
I woke up at Shangri-la Mactan feeling very relaxed. Their bed is the bomb! Got ready and met up with the owners of What A Girl Wants and media people. We had lunch at Chika-an before going to the airport. I’ll definitely miss Cebu. The Uy sisters are definitely the best hosts. 
Even if it’s December, I can’t help but wear a sheer top and shorts because of the weather in our tropical country. To top it all off, I wore this WAGW hat. Definitely the cutest hat I have so far.


    1. Inna Santiago

      Laureen! I really appreciate that you took time to see my blog – I did not expect it. I was very overwhelmed and happy when a friend told me that you posted a comment and I was literally in shock. This all may sound weird bu thank you so much – I’m such a big fan of yours and also stylebreak!

      p.s. Cute hat! :)