Break My Style | Lake Gardens

Lake Gardens










I wore this on a Sunday afternoon in Kuala Lumpur while wandering around Lake Gardens. Yes, my outfit on my previous post has a very different feel.. From edgy to girly ang peg ko! My dainty/girly clothes are usually reserved for Sundays because I feel like it’s the perfect day to dress more prim and proper. Since I knew I’ll be walking around the whole day, I wore this super comfy flats from Hued. I think it’s one of the most comfortable and lightest pair of flats I’ve ever owned- I’m definitely bringing this to my Guam trip next week. It’s ideal for the beach! The scallop strap design is amazing and it really made walking a breeze for me. I also brought this Flux Unlimited bag because I wanted to bring everything with me- very tourist lang! I had my Instax camera, my Sony camera, my 2 phones, water (in case I get thirsty) and a lot more. It was perfect because the tote is so spacious inside and it also has a zipper unlike other totes so I didn’t have to protect my bag all day. It’s also hard to find a salmon colored bag so I’m happy I got this. I think it made my entire ensemble brighter, don’t you think? BMS.