Break My Style | Lace-y


 (SM Accessories necklaces, My Everyday Fashion lace dress, TLTSN rings, Chanel bag, American Apparel inner skirt, Charlotte Olympia wedges)

I wore outfit this to a 40th wedding anniversary of my dad’s friend last Sunday. Very angelic lang ang peg! I decided to wear something creamy and heavenly- and this dress from My Everyday Fashion was perfect. It’s actually an all sheer lace-y dress (that gave me the extra challenge on how to style it differently) so I wore just a skirt with the same tone inside with a black bandeau to know that it’s all sheer. This dress can be worn for debuts, proms, cocktail events, etc too. It’s that elegant. I just chose these rings to add color to my outfit. I always say I’m an edgy girl, but occasions like this where you can’t be wearing neons and black- it’s actually nice to experiment and try something new. Like I always say, “never be afraid to experiment.” BMS.