Break My Style | La Vie Parisienne, Cebu

La Vie Parisienne, Cebu







Bauhaus top

Casio watch

H&M shorts

Acne booties

I really wasn’t planning on taking any outfit shots during my trip to Cebu for Sinulog last January. I was only there for three days and everyday was very hectic! Before my trip back to Manila, I had an intimate lunch with my Islands Souvenirs winners at La Vie Parisienne and how can you not take outfit shots in this beautiful restaurant? I love the entire feel of this resto and seriously, I love their food too! I always wear comfortable clothes every time I travel since I love sleeping inside the plane. This loose black top is the perfect piece of clothing for travellers. One important piece of accessory that I wear every time I have a trip is a watch. I’ve already missed a plane flight because I wasn’t aware of the time! I was browsing online trying to look for new watches when I stumbled upon a website that sells Stuhrling watches. They look so chic and sleek- plus they’re very affordable too! I always wear minimal accessories when I travel, so a watch with cute bracelets will do. BMS.


    1. miriam

      H! Miss laureen. Good day. Im from university of San Agustin Student Council. We will be having our university week on february 24to march 1. We would like to invite you to be one of our judges in our annual university fashion event that will be on february 27 knowing that you are undeniably good in the field of fashion. We are hoping for a positive response. Please give us an email.adress to where we can send a formal invitation letter. Thankyou! Godbless.

    2. myka

      wow, i am from cebu but i have never been to la vie parisienne :(
      because of your post, i am more determined to go… asap… lol..

    3. Ren

      i haven’t visited that place yet since our house located the opposite part of it. Anyway, they have a very beautiful and relaxing ambience here. I feel bitter because i wasn’t able to meet you, camille & kryz. :’( There’s next time! hehe

    4. Lila

      Too bad I was not able to meet you guys when you came to Cebu. Hope you will visit often and go to other beautiful places here. ^_^

    5. Sheena

      I celebrated my birthday at la vie parisienne with my parents and the place plus the food is just superb <3

    6. jhanice cordova

      i so love this place too… i visited here most of the time few months ago… after my wedding i will be visiting this place again and again… :)