Break My Style | L-O-V-E










Saturday Dress necklace/ jumpsuit

Celine bag

Extreme Finds bangles

Jimmy Choo pumps

Love. It’s such a strong word, right? I happen to have a lot of accessories that include the word “love” in it, and probably a crazy one to wear it altogether. I really find my self liking tiny, subtle necklaces nowadays- like this one from Saturday Dress. No, it’s not me maturing, because I’ll always be a kid at heart, but I think I just like small necklaces because they give you a classy touch rather than wearing big necklaces. Don’t get me wrong though, I still love huge, statement pieces, but for this look, I prefer the tiny one. It’s also a good conversation starter because there’s the word on your chest that everyone’s familiar with. I wore this jumpsuit from Saturday Dress during a day filled with meetings and work. It’s the way they fall on your shoulders and hips that make it seem casual yet chic. I fell in love with this jumpsuit after seeing in online and knew I just had to get one for myself. If I’m too lazy to think of a nice thing to wear, I always go for jumpsuits- they’re my savior. BMS.


    1. Hazel Joy Jimenez

      “love” the sophisticated feel of this look.. those are really nice accessories.. and the bright color of your jumpsuit and shoes will really jumpstart your day with a smle! congrats for being #teenweekph ambassador