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Iza Calzado

Janella Salvador

Michelle Vito

Rain Dagala

Kathryn Bernardo

Yours Truly

Kris Aquino

Every time I get invited to guest on Kris TV, I still get overwhelmed and honoured. It’s always with new people so it’s very exciting each time, plus the topic is always different. This particular show was about fashion. Teen fashion to be exact. What’s in and what’s not, do’s and don’ts. Included in the episode were co hosts Iza Calzado and Kathryn Bernardo with Star Magic bagets Janella Salvador and Michelle Vito- all super nice and beautiful ladies by the way. So ano ang role ko? Style guru kuning with Rain Dagala, fashion editor of Meg Magazine and Kathryn’s stylist. I enjoyed the guesting so much!!! Thank you so much Kris Aquino and Kris TV for having me again.

If you want hear our stories and styling tips, do watch the episode at I Want TV (you have to be a member first). BMS.