Break My Style | Knightsbridge











H&M hat

The Filipina Doll Clothing top

MK bag from Bags for Grabs

The Filipina Doll Clothing jumper

Zara sandals

The best part where you’re living in Knightsbridge/ Chelsea? Just go out of your apartment and you’re ready to take outfit shots! Lol. Everything’s picturesque! Seriously though, this was just taken a few blocks away from the apartment Prime App booked us and it took less us than 3 minutes to shoot everything. I wore this cute jumper paired with a white tank (both from The Filipina Doll Clothing) so I can move around freely and also so I can release the inner child in me. I know rompers can make a person look younger, but when it’s styled correctly- it can be stunningly edgy and cute. I always wear jumpers this way too, one strap isn’t locked so there’s an effect. Using smaller sling bags is definitely more convenient when I tour around in a foreign city so I brought this MK bag from Bags for Grabs again. Yey for comfort and quality combined! BMS.

Photos by: Spike


    1. Junea

      OMG. Can i just say, i am a self-proclaimed BMS Addict! Hahaha. I won’t even let a day pass by without me visiting your blog site. It seems to become part of my daily routine. Just to share, my friends are starting to tease me na and they’re telling me that im starting to forget them since i started reading your blog posts. Haha. :p But I was able to convince them by sharing all the learnings im getting from you. :) Again, thank you so much for inspiring me. I’m loving myself more na because of you. :)

    2. Chimney Birondo

      i super like your jumper!❤️where can i buy That here in pHilippinEs? please tell me hahaha ily ate