Break My Style | KADA Clothing x BMS (CLOSED)

KADA Clothing x BMS (CLOSED)

 (KADA top, Extreme Finds necklace and bangles, SM Accessories spike necklace, WAGW shorts, Stylebreak leggings, Bedazzle ring, Five by Five wedges)

Wear it forward- KADA. I think it’s a must for every girl to have basic tops, and this is the right one. Its loose and uneven cut is amazing- not to mention it’s so comfy as well. Paired it with tribal shorts and half shredded-half opaque stockings so it will still look striking.
Now, back to KADA. Did you know the camisa line (at the bottom of the top) incorporates the KADA print, which is inspired by the indigenous print of people of Bukidnon. And- for every 20 shirts sold, they send one child to school. That’s a nice way to spend your money, right? Not only are the tops are great for wearing on a normal day, but you’ll also be helping a child when you buy one. Watch this VIDEO to know more about KADA.
With this, I am having another BLOG GIVEAWAY!!! Yey. I’ll be giving away 2 KADA tops, P500.00 GC of TLTSN, a free 20-minute make up session at Bobbi Brown  and a Laura Mercier mascaraHere’s how to join:

1. Like KADA‘s Facebook page
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4. Hype this look and be a fan HERE
5. Answer this question, What’s your understanding of KADA’s tagline, ‘KADA- Wear It Forward’?
Less than 50 words only. Please leave your answer below on my comment box.

**Contest from December 14-21, 2011. Will be announcing the winner on my Facebook fan page. BMS.



    1. Katherine Austria

      For me, KADA’s tagline “Wear it Forward” means that when you purchase and wear a piece of their clothing, you help in increasing the number of shirts that help a child go to school. You’ve helped a child move foward to reach his dreams of graduating.

    2. Mara Estella

      In my own understanding, Step forward means to make oneself visible and take action. It is like If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place. KADA taught us to make our self visible and be recognize. It’s like they’re their to accompany us on our daily journey.

    3. Irina

      my understanding of their tagline pay it forward is to do good deeds and help other people. maybe kada has reached success and they want to pay it forward.

    4. Mayee

      By purchasing a KADA shirt, not only do I get to wear a comfy outfit but also, I get the satisfaction of knowing that I get to help a cause!

    5. ren.rae

      What’s your understanding of KADA’s tagline, ‘KADA- Wear It Forward’?
      –My understanding of KADA’s tagline was, be proud and confident of what you are wearing, just be comfortable and let other people see that you are not just being fashionable and trendy, because buying and wearing those clothes can help send kids on school. <3

    6. Cz

      For me “KADA-Wear It Forward”
      means being fashionable, by that I mean not following trends but being innovative and starting the trend yourself. It’s about representing the face you show the world, fashion wise and also having a big heart as KADA sends a child to school. so for me, that’s having the best of both worlds :D

    7. Anonymous

      “Kada-Wear it Forward”

      It means that wearing Kada products gain you more confidence to flaunt what you have. It gives you more the X-factor to outshine from the rest and let you to be yourself. So,Kada-Wear it forward! :) ))

      Elmarie Bolalin!/egelbolalin