Break My Style | Jardin Du Luxembourg

Jardin Du Luxembourg










H&M beanie

Sunski sunnies

Romwe necklace

Mary Katranzou top

Celine bag

Euphoria shorts

Celine pumps

Third day in Paris. Wow, I’ve already been to so many historical places, restaurants and shopping destinations, but still have more to see. I stopped over Jardin Du Luxembourg, also known as Luxembourg Garden, which is the second largest public park in Paris. It’s actually the garden of the French Senate (o diba bongga), and that’s actually his palace at the back. I tried my best to be a bit more minimal when it came to my outfits in Paris, but when I saw this Mary Katranzou shirt my brother brought with him, I just had to steal it. Yes, steal- not borrow hahaha. Since the weather was humid, I decided to wear this pair of shorts from Euphoria. It’s the only pair I decided to bring and it couldn’t have been more perfect for my destination. It’s comfy and it’s black- meaning I can pair it with almost all my tops. It’s simple yet classy and the leather fabric is so thin that I didn’t have a hard time moving around. The subtle details on the side are so intricate that it complimented my top and my entire ensemble. BMS.

Photos by: Vince Uy


    1. Ren

      Whatever mix and match you wear, you always look fabulous and stand out in the crowd. COngratulations for being nominated as one of the wardrobe blogger. hope you can win!

    2. Lourine

      Loving everything. The backdrop, the outfit , the quality of pictures… etc. DI papahuli sa Parisian fashion :)

    3. [email protected]

      hi, ms laur.. we can now see the old entries of your blog,, thank you so much, :)